Who are The High Nature Kids (THNK)?



145220265764157Most of us grew up in the forests of Northern New Jersey. We always termed it ‘the Wood’. Hiking is a significant part of our lifestyle; we spend more of our time wandering the woods than we do indoors, tremendously more. Being so near the world’s largest concrete jungle, we felt that we were the last remaining Native minded people in the Tri-State area. We treated our domain sacredly, as if we were the keepers of the Amazon, the inheritents of the mystical Avalon. Even the town we stem from, Ringwood, is still home to the Ramapough Indian Tribe, one of the few still surviving in the region.


We have, as a community, suffered immense struggle, again and again. Our lands have been poisoned by nefarious corporations, we have been taxed dry, our money has been stolen and our people have been force-fed apathy, depression and intimidation by corrupt governments. We have continued to endure a heroin epidemic which has already left dozens of our peers dead.  Nonetheless, we rise higher in nature. In Nature, we learned to get high. We learned to enlighten our minds with herbs, with meditation, and with our Tribe.


We are One, and that bond can never be severed. We got high to communicate with Nature, and in turn, Nature communicated with us a higher way of thinking, of being. We are The High Nature Kids, always young at heart, innocent with wonder, and at all times considering the most altruistic possibilities for our collective future.


Get ready for your re-education!